Simonds Elemenary Music 2019-20

Mrs. J’s Music Classroom


360 view of my classroom

This is a culmination of my activities of my K-5th grade classes over the year at Simonds Elementary as evidence of my teaching.

Rising Strong theme

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This year, I thought about how we could rise strong in my classroom. Simonds Elementary is a diverse school. We have implemented two SDC classes this year and have had a plethora of different English language learners. As we learn we often make mistakes in our learning and this was emphasized to the students this year. . .

“It’s OK to make a mistake!!! We learn from them”

This was my motto for this year, as we rise strong from our mistakes. I think as a society we frown upon mistakes and strive too much for perfection. However, we learn better by having fun and making mistakes that we can learn from, where the pressure is off us to be perfect.


We have had fun in Kinder this year, as we have incorporated my Composer Unit and Carnival of the Animals Unit into the R & M Curriculum. In the video below, you can see how the students are learning to sing with popular classical songs as we study about composers. We have added SDC  as well that I meet with along with their 1st & 2nd grade counterparts separately and then they are mainstreamed along with one of our kindergarten classes.

1st Grade

1st Grade went further in exploring about Treble Clef Island as part of our Freddie the Frog series. The students learned where to put different notes on the staff in relation to a story-line. Our 1st graders also put on their first musical entitled “Friendly Neighborhood Helpers”.



2nd Grade

Our 2nd graders put on a musical called “Grammarosaurus” pictured below. In order to prepare for this musical, students had to learn much about rhythms, vocal pronunciation, and pitches (la-so-mi-re-do). In addition to the normal R & M curriculum, 2nd grade is also required to compose, perform and record rhythms and upload them to the internet where they could be shared with parents.

Unfortunately this year, we were unable to partake in this due to Shelter in Place restrictions



3rd Grade

3rd grade also participated in a musical entitled “Vacation on Mars”. Students were required to audition for speaking parts this year as they are older. This play fit well into the curriculum as is was cross curricular. Students were given planet sentences and were given the task of creating rhythms, notes on recorders, performing and posting online to share with parents.

Unfortunately this year students weren’t able to participate in this annual event due to Shelter in Place restrictions


4th Grade

4th grade was a bit of a rough year, as we had a few teachers leave this year and we have some tough kids in place. They were allowed to partake of Band & String instruments this year, led on Wednesday nights after school. However, these students just finished up their musical in April entitled “California Missions & more” in which they were to audition for parts and create their own costumes for this musical. They were required to write out note cards instead of scripts. 4th grade worked on recorders, square dancing and reinforcement of music theory basics: rhythm, pitch, tempo & volume. The students will also be incorporating beat boxing into their skills as well as a wonderful explanation of Dangerous Decibels, in which students learn how loud sounds can effect their hearing.

Dangerous Decibels.JPG

5th Grade

My 5th graders performed their last musical entitled “13 Colonies” at the beginning of the year. After this time, we continued doing R & M curriculum, including learned various dances like the electric slide, cha-cha-cha, country line dancing and others. Come February, every other week, I pushed into classrooms to show the students different music technology that they could access online that is free. Students learned to compose music using, theory using, Drum beats through Ableton and ChromeLab music, and beatboxing through Incredibox.

Link for Incredibox composition


Below, a 5th grader’s composition using Noteflight


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Students also learned to offer opinions on music videos about Cymatics, Music Beats, visual/music.

Rhythm and Moves Work Material



Mid Year Review

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5th Grade IAP Information


IAP Packet

5th Grade Lesson Plan

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Reflection Paper